Rickie Lee Jones
Live at the Roxy
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At the Roxy, Rickie follows the musical roadmap started at 15 when she first heard Laura Nyro. In addition to performing a generous offering of her original songs - accompanied by a strong horn section and rich background harmonies - she makes herself at home singing doo-wop: Coasters, Motown, an impromptu medley in the style of "Woody and Dutch."

These are possibly the best versions of her original songs yet released because they are recorded live with the musical strength of these superb backup musicians, including Sal Bernardi. Can this really be a recording from twenty years ago?

"Live at the Roxy" includes four never-before-released songs sung by Rickie. Her delivery of each song carries musical depth that is "uniquely Rickie," reminding the listener that as long as she writes and performs, there will always be more to discover about music through Rickie Lee Jones.

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